• Michelin ENERGY XM2 Tyres
    "I take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for the Michelin-branded goodies that you offered.

    I also do appreciate your regular important updates.They keep me going strong and safe like Michelin Man.Guess what? I fitted my car with all four Michelin XM2 tyres one year ago. I have done 15,000-plus KM and have not even had a single puncture! I have tackled smooth as well as rough roads, not to mention very muddy stretches, I guess, maybe a sneak preview to Paris-Dakar Rally. I am truly amazed by their extraordinary and reliable performance. On wet tarmac roads, even at high speed, I have never had any incident of aqua-planing, not a single inch of it! The car has remained as stable as it is meant to be. The grip as well as handling, even under such peculiar circumstances, is simply awesome! You can count on Michelin Man, anytime, all the time. I guess he would say "What other test do you want to put me through? What would be his reply? Your guess is as good as mine. "I am up to the task,just throw it my way and i will show you how".

    Need i say more? When my driving is safe, I increase the safety zone around me hence that of other road users thus making our roads safer one step at a time and TOTAL PEACE OF MIND."
  • AA Kenya Approved
    "Kingsway TyrExpert Centres are the first Tyre Centres in East & Central Africa to be awarded Automobile Association of Kenya approval. We have the widest network in the whole region."
  • Agility Logistics Ltd.
    "The achievement of high kilometers has been as a result of the constant practices of good tyre maintenance jointly done by Agility Logistics Ltd Transport Team and with Kingsway & Michellin Technical Teams."
  • Bash Hauliers Ltd.
    "Currently, we are now running on michellin tyres on all our fleet, both in rear fitment and steer axle fitment with 315/80 R 22,5 XZE 2 +, and Michelin/Kingsway team is regularly folllowing the mileages/pressure and advicing us.

    We definately recommend these tyres to any transporter who wishes to save costs in the long run."
  • Bacchus Grocers & Transporters Ltd.
    "We have now fitted 20 tyres (315/80 R 22.5 XDY_3) on 4 other vehiecles in view of our good experience with Michelin tyres.

    We recommend these products to any other transporter without hesitation."
  • BNG Enterprises Ltd.
    "We are very happy with Michellin tyres as all the tyres have come out for retread without a single failure.

    Kingsway team is providing us regular services and assistance by checking pressure and advice maintenance, on improving our tyre performance on all our fleet."
  • Coca Cola Rwanda.
    "We have reduced our tyre costs since we switched to Michelin 315/80/R22.5 tyres in our fleet. Also Michelin tubeless tyres have excellent retreadibility.

    We have no hesitation to recommend Michelin tubeless tyres to any other fleet operator, under similar condtions, who can be assured to reduce their operating costs in the long run."
  • Easy Coach Ltd.
    "We would gladly recommend Michelin Tyres to end-users today and I am sure that these great results could be replicated elsewhere so long as there is a good standard of tyre maintenance."
  • EchKen Agencies Ltd
    "We thank Michelin and Kingsway for giving us these good tyres,which have the best performance I have ever come across in any brand available in Mombasa. The final cost per KM has dropped by more than half using Michelin tyres.

    We definately recommend Michelin as the best solution for those who wish to reduce their operational Costs."
  • Multiple Hauliers Ltd.
    "We do not have any hesitation in recommending the use of Michelin products."
  • Pwani Oil Products Ltd.
    "These tyres have been now taken for retread which will help us now in further reduction of cost. This particular benefit we have realized through the Michelin quality casing.

    Besides, Kingsway team regularly provides field services and training which further helped to optimize the above performances thus cost reduction.

    "We do not have any hesitation to recomment the use of Michelin products."
  • Raisons Trading Company Ltd.
    "Apart from Mileage, the tyres were rugged, and we did not have any cuts or abrasions, as Kingsway explained these tyres are for usage in rough conditions. Kingsway has given us full service right from fitment to removal for pressure and maintenance of tyres.

    We did not have any bursts or failures, on similar tyres still running on our other trailers. We appreciate the reduction of cost to us finally."
  • Roadstar Ltd.
    "We have absolutely no hesitation to recommend Michelin XZY-2 tyres for the customers who operate in tough conditions and bad roads."
  • Road Tainers Mombasa Ltd
    "We can recommend these tyres to any operator in Africa who wish to reduce their cost per kilometer and save money in the long run."
  • World Food Programme.
    "This is to certify that all our vehiecles are using Michelin products, and we are happy with their performance and durability in different road condtions of Ethiopia."
  • Passenger tyre testimonial.
    "KTEC offers a range of Passenger Tyres that fit my budget"

    "I just love the patterns KTEC has on their passenger section."

    "I imported a Toyota Levin with a very unique tyre size and was surprised that KTEC had it available in their stocks after looking desperately for them elsewhere." "Also was impressed by the advise given by their sales executive on fitting of tyres, always thought new tyres looked good in front, but was advised to fit them at the rear, this was to give better grip on the road."

    "For tyres I will always go to KTEC."


  • Shreeji Enterprises

    "We fitted one of our tipper trucks with brand new Michellin’s XDE2 tyres back in 2012. With gradual wear, the tyres were later retreaded and the vehicle has since covered 230,455 kilometers. During the same period, we fitted another two of our vehicles with Michellin’s recamic XDY.3 tyres. These were also retreated and each have since covered 200,383km and 209,963km respectively. This sterling performance of the Michellin Tyres is as a result of constant of tyre maintenance and an excellent client relationship between the transport team at Shreeji Enterprises (K) Ltd and Kingsway Tyres’s technical teams."



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